A&SF Committee

Each student at the University of Central Florida pays a per-credit-hour fee called the Activity & Service Fee (A&SF) that funds Student Government and Student Government-affiliated Agencies & Departments. The A&SF Budget Committee is charged with soliciting and hearing budget requests from these entities and allocating the available funds as they deem appropriate, based on the requests, to ultimately present a balanced budget recommendation to the Student Senate for final voting.

Committee Minutes

# Title Date Link
1 A&SF Minutes 11.26.19 2019-11-26 View
2 A&SF Minutes 11.19.19 2019-11-19 View
3 A&SF Minutes 11.12.19 2019-11-12 View
4 A&SF Minutes 11.6.19 2019-11-06 View




A&SF Committee Chair


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