Parking Appeals

Pursuant to regulation UCF – 6.007, the SG Judicial Council has been vested with the authority to serve as the second level of appeal for parking citation appeals for students. The Council may uphold or overturn the decision of the University Parking Citation Appeals Committee. The Council also has the option to uphold the decision of the University Parking Citation Appeals Committee while reducing the fine to an administrative fee.

The following reasons will not be accepted by the Judicial Council as grounds to overturn or reduce a citation fee. This list is outlined in UCF – 6.007 (a)(f) and is not an all-inclusive list:

  • Disagreement with the traffic and parking regulations
  • Ignorance of the regulation
  • Stated inability to find a permitted parking space
  • Operation of the vehicle by another person
  • Tardiness to class and/or appointment
  • Inability to pay fine (lack of money)
  • Displayed expired permit
  • Traffic congestion
  • To delay paying the fine for an appealed citation
  • Unsupported evidence of direction by any university official

Eligibility for SG Judicial Council Parking Appeal

In order to submit an appeal to the Judicial Council, you must:

  • be currently enrolled in a course;
  • have had your citation upheld by the University of Parking Citation Appeals Committee; and
  • submit the appeal, located below, within 10 days of receiving your decision from the University Parking Citation Appeals Committee.

Submit a Parking Appeal to SG

Submit your form through Knight Connect by clicking below.

Submit an Appeal

Student Conduct Appeals

If a student or Registered Student Organization believe that:

  1. Irregularities in fairness and stated procedures of the hearing that could have affected the outcome of the hearing.
  2. Discovery of new and significant information that could have affected the outcome of the hearing and that was not known or could not reasonably have been discovered and/or presented at the time of the initial hearing.
  3. The sanction(s) are extraordinarily disproportionate to the violation(s).

They may appeal their sanction. The Judicial Council serves as Advisors throughout the process. The link to submit the form is on the SCAI Website.

Submit a Student Conduct Appeal to SG

Submit your form through Knight Connect by clicking below.

Student Form RSO Form

Student Grade Appeals

If a student believes that a final grade is given to them on an unfair basis, they have the ability to appeal it. Determination of which Justices shall sit on a Student Academic Appeals committee shall be based on an assignment by the Chief Justice at the request of the dean of the college in which the alleged offense has arisen. The Judicial Branch also provides advising on the process while the appeal is heard by the appellant’s college. The form can be accessed via Knightconnect

Fiscal Administrative Appeals

If a Registered Student Organization does not use the complete amount of money that is allocated to them for a planned event, they are sanctioned. Groups have the ability to appeal any sanction or fiscal decision issued to them by the Legislative Branch, and these appeals are ultimately decided by the Judicial Council. The appellant shall contact the Chief Justice to initiate the process within ten (10) business days that the administrative decision was handed down. The form can be accessed via Knightconnect

Election Violation Appeals

During elections in the Spring, there are guidelines that candidates are expected to follow outlined in Title VI. If these guidelines are broken the candidates are sanctioned by the Election Commission. Candidates have the opportunity to appeal these decisions to the Judicial Council.

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