Judicial Leadership Council

The Judicial Leadership Council is a training and mentorship program that allows students to immerse themselves in the Judicial Branch of UCF’s Student Government. The program consists of weekly meetings and mentorship pairings between participants and current Justices. Our goal with Judicial Leadership Council is to inform students about the inner workings of the Judicial Branch so that they can readily and successfully transition from the Judicial Leadership Council to an Associate Justice position on the Judicial Council. Participants in the program will be taught about the responsibilities of the Judicial Branch such as parking appeals, student conduct hearings, grade appeals, eligibility appeals, constitutional review, impeachment hearings, and the Judicial Branch outreach programs.

Most importantly, participants in the Judicial Leadership Council will learn how to be an unbiased leader and how to serve the best interest of students at all times. After this program, students will be ready and able to serve as Justices on SG’s Judicial Council.

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