Election Commission

The Election Commission serves to promote and facilitate Student Government elections. The Election Commission is comprised of the Supervisor of Elections, the Assistant Supervisor of Elections, and 8 other Election Commissioners. Together they successfully market, facilitate, and execute the Elections!

The Election Commission ensures that all candidates and campaigners abide by the Election Statutes and enjoy the election experience. This branch holds the candidates accountable for folloing the Election Statutes and rules set in place to make sure that the election is administered as fairly as possible. Some of the Election Commission’s responsibilities during the election period include candidate communications, holding violation hearings, checking campus for violations, managing polling stations, and encouraging students to vote in the election.

This year’s election theme is: PEACE & LOVE! The Election Commission is looking to promote a peaceful, fair, and friendly election. If you have any questions regarding running for a position, joining the Election Commission, or any other related Election questions, please do not hesitate to email me! Applications for the Election Commission seats and candidate application packets are available on Knight Connect!

Go Knights, and Charge On! Matan Dalal, Supervisor of Elections



Matan Dalal

Supervisor of Elections, Seat 13


Caitlin Moore

Assistant Supervisor of Elections, Seat 9


Brodie Taylor

SG Coordinator