Financial Allocations for Organizations Committee (FAO)

The FAO committee allocates funds to RSOs for events, projects, and promo items. Funding level for each category can be found in the Spending Policy. Organizations can apply to be funded at 50% via a Senate Bill. Applications and other requirements can be found on the SG website under Funding.

   Spending Policies

Julian Larsen, Chair

Vacant, Vice Chair

Document FAO Spending Policy 2020-2021

Conference, Registration, and Travel Committee (CRT)

CRT is the committee that gets students connected with their passions. Through CRT, students have the opportunity to travel to locations around the world and meet other students and professionals with the same interests.

Kylie Cimillo, Chair

Michael Shen, Vice Chair

Document CRT Spending Policy 2020-2021
Document CRT Frequently Asked Questions

Operations Review & Sanctions Committee (ORS)

The Operations Review & Sanctions Committee (ORS) audits the funding that the Student Body Senate allocates to ensure that funds are being spent properly. ORS gives out sanctions to individuals or Registered Student Organizations that are found in violation of misusing funds. The committee debates, amends and passes measures pertaining to Title VIII, The Finance Code of the Student Body Statutes. ORS analyzes Verification of Purchases Forms, which verifies that RSOs use funds accordingly. Additionally, ORS reviews Post-Funding Forms, which provide feedback for the funding process.

Samuel Rose, Chair

Vacant, Vice Chair

Document 2023-2024 Fiscal Probation Policy
Document 2020-2021 Funding Limitations for Registered Student Organizations
Document ORS CRT Rep Exit Slips
Document ORS FAO Rep Exit Slips
FAQ ORS Frequently Asked Questions

Elections and Appointments Committee (E&A)

The E&A Committee oversees the rules and procedures of a Student Government election, as outlined in Title VI: The Election Statutes. E&A also presides over the appointment process for all branches, in which nominees first attend a hearing within the Committee before they may be seen and potentially confirmed by the full Senate.

Aiden DiChiara, Chair

Vacant, Vice Chair

FAQ E&A Frequently Asked Questions

Legislative, Judicial, and Rules Committee (LJR)

LJR, Legislative, Judicial, and Rules, is an Internal Committee in SG Senate. The LJR committee deals with the constant update and review of the SG governing documents. LJR’s work allows for the smooth function of all of SG and how we deal with each student and RSO.

Kirsten Courts, Chair

Vacant, Vice Chair

FAQ LJR Frequently Asked Questions

Government Affairs and Policy Committee (GAP)

The Government Affairs and Policy (GAP) committee serves to increase student engagement with civic education and current events. The GAP committee facilitates relationships between the student body and local elected representatives and government officials., serving as a non-partisan research committee to connect students to issues, proposals, and changes that affect college-aged students as well as advocacy avenues for both sides of the policy at hand. GAP also has the annual responsibility of establishing the Legislative Priorities for UCF’s Student Government prior to the State’s Legislative Session.

Andrea Vasquez, Chair

Vacant, Vice Chair

FAQ GAP Frequently Asked Questions
FAQ Day at the Capitol

Student Body Advocacy Committee (SBA)

The SBA Committee directs student needs through advocating and creating legislation to put the voice of Student Government (SG) behind student focused efforts. This is done through tabling, RSO representation, and our online Form; using this form, SG can better address ideas, concerns, and feedback from the student body.
SBA Concern Form

Jason Hameed, Chair

Vacant, Vice Chair

FAQ SBA Frequently Asked Questions

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