Student Government Leadership Council

The Student Government Leadership Council (SGLC) is a committee comprised of dedicated and eager student leaders looking for a way to get involved within SGA. Through this council, members will partake in a mentorship program in which they will be paired with members of the Executive Cabinet, Legislative Branch, Judicial Branch, and other SGA Leadership to learn the best practices of student leadership!

As first year students, you will be given a unique opportunity to learn about the school, figure out what way you would like to get more involved, and get hands on experience working with others in a university setting. You will be given many opportunities to take on leadership roles in projects and initiatives across campus!

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Graduate Student Association

The UCF Graduate Student Association (GSA) is the representative organization for UCF’s graduate student body. GSA provides academic and professional development opportunities, organizes social events, and advocates for all 8,500+ graduate students at UCF. The GSA is the only university level organization run by and for graduate students – so we need YOU to help us make your voice heard. All graduate students are automatically considered members of the GSA and we also welcome undergraduate students who are interested in learning more about graduate school.

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Office of Student Involvement

The Office of Student Involvement (OSI) supports student success and enhances the campus environment by focusing on our core principles – Connect, Involve, Impact -through quality programs, services, student leadership opportunities, and intentional environments.

Begin your journey by joining on of our Agencies or over 670+ Registered Student Organizations across all UCF Campuses.

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