Executive Branch

2023-2024 Executive Cabinet

Brandon Greenaway

Student Body President, University Trustee


President Brandon Greenaway is a senior, majoring in Political Science on the Pre-Law Track and Media Management. He is an out-of-state student from Wood-Ridge, New Jersey, which is located right outside of New York City. Aside from Student Government, he has been involved in various activities on campus, such as the President’s Leadership Council, the Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity, the Member Services team at the Recreation & Wellness Center, Knight-thon, and within the Burnett Honors College, on the Deans’ Leadership Council and as a Honors Symposium Team Leader. Brandon currently serves as Student Body President and University Trustee, where he is responsible for representing almost 70,000 students on a variety of departments and committees.

Colby Smith

Student Body Vice President


Vice President Colby Smith is a Senior, he is a first generation college student majoring in Integrated Business, from Tampa, Florida. During his time at UCF, he has been involved with the Recreation and Wellness Center, Student Government, and is a brother of Theta Chi Fraternity. He now has the honor of serving UCF as Student Body Vice President, sitting on university committees such as the Agency and Department Strategic Planning Board, University Master Planning Committee, University Budget Committee, and many others.

Division of Administration

Jennifer Sobrinho

Chief of Staff


Chief of Staff Jennifer Sobrinho is a senior from Pompano Beach, Florida majoring in Event Management. During her time at UCF, Jennifer has been involved with Knight-Thon, UCF Social Media Ambassadors, FDA at Career Services, and the Tri Alpha First-Gen Honor Society. Jennifer currently serves as the Chief of Staff for Student Government, where she is responsible for working directly with the President on special projects, overseeing the Division of Student Affairs, advising members of the Executive Cabinet, and working alongside the Deputy Chief of Staff.

Peter Pham

Deputy Chief of Staff


Deputy Chief of Staff Peter Pham is a junior majoring in Mechanical Engineering with two minors: General Business and Psychology, and was born and raised in Orlando, FL.  During his time at UCF, Peter has been involved with Soccer Club, Student Government, and is a brother of Delta Upsilon Fraternity. Peter currently serves as the Deputy Chief of Staff for Student Government where he is responsible for working directly with the Vice President and supporting special projects. The Deputy will be responsible for student outreach efforts across all UCF campuses, working closely with Rosen, Downtown, and Lake Nona serving as a liaison. This role also includes advising and playing an essential role in decision making for the Executive Cabinet as well as overseeing the Student Government Leadership Council (SGLC) as the Executive Leadership Council (ELC) Mentorship Program Coordinator. Finally, the Deputy Chief of Staff will serve alongside the Chief of Staff.

Madison Moore

Attorney General


Attorney General Madison Moore is a senior majoring in Legal Studies and is a native to Orlando, Florida. During her time at UCF, Madison has been involved in Knights Pre-Law Association and recently completed an internship during the 2023 Legislative Session in Tallahassee, Florida as a UCF Legislative Scholar. In May of 2022, Madison obtained her Real Estate Licensure to extend her knowledge of law and the Florida economy. She is a transfer student and a Veteran’s Affairs student and is honored to serve in this role in Student Government as Attorney General and Judicial Advisor. The Attorney General is the chief legal advisor to the Student Body President, as well as a resource for any member of the student body who has an inquiry concerning Golden Rule rights and responsibilities, SG Elections guidelines, or constitutional precepts. The Attorney General shall hand down opinions on the constitution, statutes, and rights and responsibilities to any member of the student body upon request. It shall be the responsibility of the attorney general to undertake statutory revisions. The Attorney General is also responsible for advising students appearing before the SG Judicial Council, the Office of Student Conduct, or any other University sanctioned board.

Jeremy Kane



Comptroller Jeremy Kane is entering his junior year, majoring in accounting. During his time at UCF, Jeremy has been involved in the Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity, Student Government, and the College of Business. He is also the founder and president of TAMID Group at UCF, an international organization that provides students with hands-on business experience through providing various consulting services to startups, an investment fund, an education program, an internship program, and more. Jeremy has previously served as a Business Development and Strategy Intern at a solar technology startup, consulted for several internationally backed startups, and interned at an advisory firm. He now serves as the Comptroller, Student Government’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO), heading the $18.2 million budget paid by students through the Activity and Service Fee.

Division of Student Affairs

Brianna Urea

Director of Student Affairs


Director of Student Affairs Brianna Urea is a senior majoring in Political Science with a Pre-Law track and minoring in Legal Studies. Brianna joined SG her sophomore year in the Student Government Leadership Council and the Senate Leadership Council. Her Junior year she served as the Legislative, Judicial and Rules Chair for the 54th Senate Session. Outside of Student Government she is a Sister of the Alpha Xi Delta Sorority and a Judicial Board Member for UCF Panhellenic. Now as the Director of Student Affairs she hoping to advocate for students and make their experience at UCF memorable as she is the main contact for students. She oversees the management of the Division of Student Affairs and helps them carry out special programs, events and projects. She is also responsible for planning and executing Universal Knights and Winter Wonderland.

Luci Blanco

Academic Affairs Coordinator


Academic Affairs Coordinator Luci Blanco is originally from Naples, born and raised in Florida. She is a sophomore majoring in Interdisciplinary Studies with Aspirations to attend Law school post-graduation. Luci is so excited to serve as this year’s Academic Affairs Coordinator, where she plans to be the liaison between the student body and academic services through planning events and advocating for student needs. Identifying the issues of the students in academic regard and cultivating the most effective solutions. Luci is a proud member of Kappa Alpha Theta and the Cuban-American Student Association. Luci is a graduate of the Student Government Leadership Council where she found her love and passion for servant leadership on the collegiate level. Luci holds the honor of chairing the Student Government Scholarship Committee, overseeing the allocation of $268,000 in Student scholarships through a diverse range of funding opportunities.

Elijah Leb

Athletics Coordinator


Athletics Coordinator Elijah Leb is a senior majoring in Organizational Psychology with a minor in Human Resources from Delray Beach, FL. During his time at UCF, Elijah has been involved with the Sports Business Club, Tamid Group, and is a member of the fraternity Alpha Epsilon Pi. Elijah currently serves as the Athletics Coordinator for Student Government, sitting on the Gameday Committee. He is responsible for planning and executing SG tailgates, as well as continuing and creating relationships with tradition-based agencies, the Alumni Association, and University Administration.

Roshna Cherugail

Diversity & Inclusion Coordinator


Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator Roshna Cherugail is currently a junior at the University of Central Florida. Roshna is pursuing a major in Preclinical Health Sciences and a minor in Medical Sociology with a clear ambition to attend medical school in the future. Throughout her academic journey at UCF, Roshna has actively engaged in various organizations that align with her career aspirations. She has been an active member of the Pre-Medical American Medical Student Association (AMSA) and PERIOD, where she not only participated but also assumed leadership roles as a director and as a member of the executive board in both organizations. Now serving as the Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator, Roshna assumes the responsibility of overseeing initiatives that promote campus diversity, inclusion, interfaith relations, and mental health. Roshna is honored to have the opportunity to contribute to the well-being and harmony of the student community through her work.

Brooke Martin

Governmental Affairs Coordinator


Governmental Affairs Coordinator Brooke Martin is a senior majoring in Political Science on the pre-law track with two minors: Criminal Justice and Intelligence and National Security and a certificate in Leadership Studies. She is from Bradenton, Florida. During her time at UCF, Brooke has been involved with Delta Delta Delta, Knight-Thon, the LEAD Scholars Academy, and the UCF Legislative Scholars Program. She has also interned for state and federal representatives in both Tallahassee and Washington D.C. Brooke currently serves as the Governmental Affairs Coordinator for Student Government, where she is responsible for ensuring that the lobbying concerns of the student body are being addressed at the university, local, state, and federal levels. She works to organize SG’s annual Day at the Capitol event, as well as host other educational events to promote awareness about prominent issues.

Christina Cabrera

Safety & Transportation Coordinator


Safety and Transportation Coordinator Christina Cabrera is a sophomore from Indialantic Beach, Florida. She is majoring in Communications and minoring in General Business and Human Resources. During her time at UCF, Christina has been a part of the Access Program and Knight-Thon. She is also a member of Kappa Alpha Theta. Christina currently serves as the Safety and Transportation Coordinator for Student Government. This position includes being responsible for ensuring that student concerns are addressed and brought to attention. She will work with facilities and transportation, while also working with UCF Police Department and any other facilities to make UCF safer for our students.

Sydni Burge

Sustainability & Innovation Coordinator


Sustainability and Innovation Coordinator Sydni Burge is a sophomore majoring in Environmental Studies on the Sciences track, from the Tampa Bay Area. She was previously involved in the SGLC program and co-founded the RSO Knight’s Paleontological Society, she is also involved in the Arboretum’s pollinator team. She is currently responsible for student environmental involvement, campus innovation and sustainable practice at UCF in her position on the Student Government Executive Cabinet.

Division of Communications & Outreach

Moira Martinous

Director of Communications


Director of Communications Moira Martinous is from Orlando, FL and is a senior majoring in Marketing with a minor in Health Sciences. During her time at UCF, Moira has worked as an SI Leader teaching Biology one, served as Alpha Delta Pi’s Digital Media Director and Videographer, and serves as the President of the Panhellenic Council on campus. Moira leads SG’s communication team where they manage SG’s digital presence, social media channels and marketing on campus.

Anna Valach

Graphic Design Coordinator

Anna Valach is a sophomore from Bradenton, Florida majoring in Event Management with a minor in Strategic Communications. She has previously participated in Student Government Leadership Council and Executive Leadership council and is involved with the UCF Arboretum’s Ambassador team. She is excited to work with Student Government, where she is responsible for creating graphic designs for all of Student Government as well as any other creative ventures and special projects within the Division of Communications & Outreach

Jarib Benitez

Digital Media Coordinator

Digital Media Coordinator Jarib Benitez is a sophomore from Plant City, Florida majoring in Advertisement in Public Relations with a minor in Event Management. During his time at UCF, Jarib has been involved with the Student Government Leadership Council, Executive Leadership Council, an Orientation Leader with First Year Experience, Impact member of Knight-Thon, and a founding father of Beta Theta Pi. He now has the honor of serving UCF as the Digital Media Coordinator for Student Government, where he is responsible for recording and editing videos for the student body.

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