Student Government represents, advocates for, and serves, the Student Body. The three branches of Student Government serve students in different ways. The Judicial Branch is here to make sure that students’ rights are being protected, and to support students who are working through the conduct process. The Legislative Branch advocates for students’ needs by meeting with administrators, writing resolutions to express the concerns of the Student Body, as well as allocating a million dollars to students and student organizations that are working to improve the campus and community. The Executive Branch serves the students in several different ways: by hosting programs to educate and support students, representing the Student Body on University Committees, and implementing change to create a better student experience.

Student Government also allocates the Activity and Service Fee that students pay. This fee helps to pay for the Student Union, the Office of Student Involvement, the Recreation and Wellness Center, as well as other student services.

The Election Commission helps to run and administer the elections cycle for both Senate and Student Body President and Vice President.

SG Services

  • Events: Student Government holds many events throughout the year at UCF. Some of our biggest events include: Universal Knights, Winter Wonderland, and our renowned tailgates!
  • Academic Resources and Supplies: Student Government funds many services to help students with their academic success. We provide free scantrons for students across campus and centers to study open 24 hours a day called Over Knight Library.
  • Parking & Transportation: UCF is committed in helping students safely go where they need across campus and Orlando. We do this through our parking appeals system, Lyft ride-share discount codes, and shuttles across and outside of campus whether for groceries to just to take a ride with friends.
  • SG-Funded Agencies: Student Government works together and funds over 13 offices, agencies, and events to promote student success and well-being, activities, and academic success at UCF. Learn more about the agencies and the services they provide to students with the link below.
  • Open Education Resources (OERs): SG collaborates with RSOs like WikiKnights on campus to provide free educational resources to students all across campus. Student savings from OERs have increased dramatically over time; this year alone, UCF students saved $2,489,535.66 across 246 class sections and 21,289 student enrollments. Learn more about what resources you can access by visiting cdl.ucf.edu/teach/oer-practices or wikiknights.com

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  • Election Commission: The Election Commission serves to promote and facilitate Student Government elections. The Election Commission is comprised of ten students who market, facilitate and ensure that all candidates and campaigners abide by the Title VI Election Statutes.
  • 55th Senate Appointment: Student Government plays a very important role in representing and advocating for students at the University of Central Florida. We are looking for dedicated and passionate students who are ready to work hard and make a difference on this campus. This year, you can make that impact.
  • Student Government Leadership Council: The Student Government Leadership Council (SGLC) is a committee comprised of eager and driven student leaders looking for a way to get involved within SG. SGLC is a semester-long program that details and explains the intricacies of SG. We will dive into the individual roles of each branch: Legislative, Executive, and Judicial. Students will be given the opportunity to discover which area of SG fits them best. We will help each student fulfill their goals by giving them everything they need to know about their area of interest and putting them on the right path to get there.