Student Government holds many events throughout the year at UCF. Some of our biggest events include: Winter Wonderland, Universal Knights, and our renowned tailgates!

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Academic Resources & Supplies

The Student Government funds many services to help students with their academic success. We provide free scantrons for students across campus and centers to study open 24 hours a day called All-Knight Study.

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Parking & Transportation

UCF is committed in helping students safely go where they need across campus and Orlando. We do this through our parking appeals system, Lyft ride-share discount codes, and shuttles across and outside of campus whether for groceries to just to take a ride with friends.

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SG-Funded Agencies

Student Government works together and funds over 13 offices, agencies, and events to promote student well-being, activities, and academic success at UCF. Learn more about the agencies and the services they provide to students with the link below.

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