SG Leadership Council

The SGLC program is open to first and second-year students along with transfer juniors. There is a minimum of a 2.5 GPA for members. As young Knights, you will get hands on experience working with others in a university setting. You will be given many opportunities to take on leadership roles in projects and initiatives across campus! You may apply on KnightConnect under Student Government Executive Branch under forms. Make sure you are logged in.

For more information please contact the Deputy Chief of Staff Peter Pham at

Executive Leadership Council

The Executive Leadership Council (ELC) is a committee comprised of dedicated and eager
students. In ELC, students will be paired with members of the Student Government Executive Cabinet. They are given the opportunity to learn the refined roles of each cabinet member. Below is a taste of some of the things that you will be doing if selected for the Executive Leadership Council.

In ELC, you will:

  • Attend weekly meetings and workshops to prepare student leaders for success in the future.
  • Plan, work, and attend SG events to get a behind the scenes look at what goes into the planning of a project for the entire student body.
  • Create meaningful relations with members of the Senate Leadership Council and the Judicial Leadership Council, as well as other members within the Executive Leadership Council and the Executive Cabinet of SG.
  • Create presentations for the Student Body President and Vice President with various ideas and proposals for future years.

For more information please contact the Deputy Chief of Staff Peter Pham at

Senate Leadership Council

The Senate Leadership Council (SLC) is a continuation of the SGLC mentorship program that strictly focuses on the Legislative Branch. Our goal is to prepare students to take on a position as a student senator after completing the program.
In SLC, you will:

  • Learn the terms, procedures, and tasks performed by SG Senators and those in leadership positions.
  • Interact with Registered Student Organizations
  • Learn how to write bills and resolutions, sit in on senate and committee meetings, and have the opportunity to co-sponsor a bill or resolution with a senator.
  • Be assigned a mentor currently serving as a senator.. Additionally, you will see how all the branches work together including the Executive and Judicial Branches.

For more information, please contact the Internal Legislative Assistant Laurel Richmond at

Judicial Leadership Council

The Judicial Leadership Council (JLC) is a training and mentorship program that allows students to immerse themselves in the Judicial Branch of UCF’s Student Government. Our goal with the Judicial Leadership Council is to inform students about the inner workings of the Judicial Branch so that they can readily and successfully transition to an Associate Justice position on the Judicial Council.

In JLC, you will:

  • Be taught about the responsibilities of the Judicial Branch such as parking appeals, student conduct hearings, grade appeals, eligibility appeals, constitutional review, impeachment hearings, and the Judicial Branch outreach programs.
  • Attend weekly meetings and mentorship pairings between participants and current Justices.
  • Learn how to be an unbiased leader and to serve the best interest of students at all times.

For more information, please contact the External Assistant Chief Justice Daniel Rivera at
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