Here are some of our frequently asked questions.

Student Government represents, serves, and advocates for the Student Body. Student Government allocates the Activity and Service Fee that students pay. This fee helps to pay for the Student Union, the Office of Student Involvement, the Recreation and Wellness Center, as well as other student services.

While related, SG in college is very different from the high school experience. At UCF,  we have three branches that provide differing services to all of our students. 

You do not need high school experience. We encourage all students to get involved!

No! Anyone from any major is more than welcome to join SG!

All students can watch senate on our live streams or come in-person to the Charge on Chamber. The Senate meets at 7pm on Thursdays!

There are no political parties at UCF. We encourage students to run on their own or with friends. 

Each college is represented by at least one senator! Look here to see which senators represent you!

The Student Body Advocacy Committee (SBA) works to amplify students' voices and concerns. Fill out their concern form here

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out! sgadeputychief@ucf.edu