The purpose of the Caucuses is to support all Knights and create a culture of open dialogue and communication. They primarily focus on getting access to resources for the groups they represent but also focus on the well-being and safety of their constituents. They look to amplify and empower groups from diverse backgrounds and ensure that their voices are being represented within the UCF community.

Minority Caucus Delegate Membership Application

Asian Pacific Islander American Caucus

The Asian Pacific Islander American (APIA) Caucus aims to promote a more critical understanding of APIA issues and identity while advocating for the needs of the APIA community. By focusing on leadership development, providing educational dialogue focused on the complex heritage of Asian Pacific Islander Americans, and being a voice for the APIA community at UCF, the APIA Caucus will empower its community members to take a more active role in shaping their experiences at the University of Central Florida and beyond. It is dedicated to creating an inclusive and socially just environment where all forms of diversity are respected and recognized as integral to the UCF experience.

Ishaan Patel, Chair

Agastya Mittal, Vice Chair


There is an application linked above and after filling it out there will be an election to determine if you can join pending available seats.

The APIA Caucus serves as a liaison between Student Government and the APIA students on campus. We are the direct representation for this demographic population on campus, and we also aim to collaborate with student-led organizations on campus.

The APIA Caucus meets biweekly on Tuesdays at 1:00 pm over the Summer Semester. Our meetings can be attended through Zoom and at the Student Government office, 3rd floor of the Student Union.

Anyone affiliated with an RSO can be an official member through an ex-officio seat. Anyone that is a Student Government agent can be an official member. Any UCF student can attend our meetings and speak in an open forum.

The caucus is designed to help the community so in order to do that, we attend events, host events and communicate with affiliated RSOs often.

Yes! RSOs have three member voting positions within the caucus. One seat is reserved permanently, while the other two are temporarily distributed upon elections. Email the chair if you wish to run or have any other questions.

Black Caucus

Black Caucus is a Caucus of Student Government that advocates for students and faculty within the Black community. Through outreach and forum, we help create a safe space to address concerns, provide resources for, and discuss topics that affect Black students on campus. The mentioned resources include: explaining the student government funding process through FAO and CRT, facilitating dialogue between the two student government advocacy committees (SBA and GAP), and bridging the gap between the black community at UCF and in Orlando. The Black Caucus has the ability to sponsor and write legislation in the Senate.

Ariel Datilus, Chair

Vice Chair (Vacant)


No we are not. We are a part of Student Government.

Always be on the lookout on the student government social media platforms. If you want to take the initiative and reach out to us, contact us through our email and the Chair will get back to you as soon as possible.

No you do not. The meetings are open for anyone and everyone to join. However, to become a voting member, you must be in Student Government or an ex-officio.

No we can not. However, we can assist in the process of acquiring funding from Student Government.

Yes by being appointed as an ex-officious seat. There is a permanent seat and two rotating/semesterly seats. Please contact Black Caucus if you are interested in becoming an ex-officio seat.

Disability Caucus

The Disability Caucus primarily focuses on advocacy work on campus, and works to create solutions to the issues students bring to us. Outside of that, our plan is to work with various SG members, RSOs, and departments to create a forum within the student body and work as a task force to solve issues brought up through means of legislation or bringing awareness to them by hosting events. We have an open-door policy, and all of our caucus members participate in discussions and work.

Elle Campbell, Chair

Rianna Duke, Vice Chair


Anyone affiliated with an RSO or Student Government entity can be an official member. Any UCF student can attend our meetings and speak in open forum.

Yes! RSOs have three voting member chairs for RSO representatives. Email us to ask how to apply.

Latin/Hispanic Caucus

The Latin/Hispanic Caucus is committed to representing, empowering and advocating for the Latin/Hispanic community in the University of Central Florida. We can host events and help pass legislation or other measures to help the Latin/Hispanic community on campus to create a culture of open dialogue and communication. All caucuses primarily focus on getting access to resources for the groups they represent and on the well-being and safety of our constituents.

We hope to be a friendly and welcoming face on campus that can help you navigate college life. We are here for you! We are a collaborative cross-branch caucus, and you can also join us for our meetings.

In fall, we will be meeting every other Tuesday at 2PM in the Student Government Office on a hybrid modality. If you have any concerns you would like addressed by SG or the university. We encourage you to come to one of our meetings and speak on the open forum section of the agenda.

Chair (Vacant)

Carlos Acosta, Vice Chair


Any Student Government agent can be a member of the Hispanic/Latinx Caucus. Registered Student Organization (RSO) representatives can also be members of the caucus as one of the three ex-officio members.

Students who are not Student Government Senators can’t join the caucus as voting members. However, all students are encouraged to sit in during these caucus meetings! You can even express ideas and ask questions at the beginning of each meeting.

In addition to joining the Hispanic/Latinx Caucus, there are also several Hispanic/Latinx organizations on campus! More information can be found on Knight Connect or click the Hispanic/Latinx Organizations PDF Form below.

Yes! RSOs have three voting member chairs for RSO representatives. Email us to ask how to apply.

LGBTQ+ Caucus

The Student Government LGBTQ+ Caucus serves as an avenue to advance issues that are unique to LGBTQ+ students. This is done through:

  • Sponsoring SG Senate measures to address problems that LGBTQ+ students face
  • Preserving and advancing relationships with RSO’s to better LGBTQ+ students’ academic and collegiate
  • Providing a specific open forum to give students and RSO’s the opportunity to address the Caucus during
  • Being in constant review of UCF policies and regulations that affect LGBTQ+ students

Arianna Carter, Chair

Paige Fintel, Vice Chair


No, we are part of the Student Government.

RSOs may apply or contact the chair to begin the ex-officio seat process. There are three ex-officio seats; one is permanent, and two are on a semesterly basis. RSOs are free to apply again if they are in a rotating seat.

Anyone can attend and speak at meetings. To be a part of the caucus, the student must be a Student Government agent or hold an ex-officio seat.

Feel free to email the current chair of the caucus using this email:

Women’s Caucus

The Women Caucus advocates and supports all women in the UCF community. The Women’s Caucus serves to create an open and safe environment for conversations surrounding the issues of women on campus. We believe in making sure everyone has a place to feel safe, included, and heard. The caucus consists of SG agents who come together to advocate and listen to the student body’s concerns. One of the main goals of the Women’s Caucus is to include various RSOs and aid in any of their initiatives surrounding the health, safety, and happiness of women on campus. The Women’s Caucus has the ability to sponsor and write legislation in Senate.

Stephanie Bishop, Chair

Vice Chair (Vacant)


There is an application linked below and after there will be an election to determine if you can join.

The caucus chair email is linked on the caucus on the SG website.