The purpose of the Agency and Department Strategic Planning Board (ADSPB) board shall be to foster collaboration among Student Government Affiliated Agencies and Departments, and review, evaluate, and structure their short and long-term policies, procedures, regulations, and programming.

Student Government

Student Government represents, advocates for, and serves, the Student Body. The three branches of Student Government serve students in different ways.

Colby Smith, Vice President

Activity and Service fee Business Office

Each student at the University of Central Florida pays a per-credit-hour fee called the Activity & Service Fee (A&SF) that funds Student Government and Student Government-affiliated Agencies & Departments. The A&SF Budget Committee is charged with soliciting and hearing budget requests from these entities and allocating the available funds as they deem appropriate, based on the requests, to ultimately present a balanced budget recommendation to the Student Senate for final voting.

Brenda Posey, Coordinator

Office of Student Involvement

The Office of Student Involvement (OSI) supports student success and enhances the campus environment by focusing on our core principles – Connect, Involve, Impact -through quality programs, services, student leadership opportunities, and intentional environments.

Shane Juntunen, Director

Recreation and Wellness

The UCF Recreation and Wellness Center (RWC) offers UCF students opportunities to foster healthy lifestyle choices and wellness through efficient services, comprehensive programs, and high-quality facilities.

Jim Wilkening, Executive Director

Student Legal Services

Student Development and Enrollment Services is your go-to source for support and enhancement-from wellness, mental counseling and career services, to housing assistance, and everything in between.

Patricia Dullaghan, Director

Student Union

Known as the “Heart of Campus,” the Student Union sits at the center of the UCF’s Orlando Campus. We provide space for members of the UCF community to study, socialize, eat, host events, attend meetings, celebrate traditions, and engage in campus life.

Rick Falco, Director

Campus Activities Board

The Campus Activities Board is comprised of eight different committees, each responsible for various types of events. Committees include: Cinema, Comedy, Concerts, Fine Arts, Marketing, Outreach, Speakers, and Special Events.

Marlaina Tanner, Executive Director


Homecoming is a week full of exciting events for UCF students, alumni, faculty, and staff alike! The mission of Homecoming at the University of Central Florida is to provide the Student Body with a week’s worth of events leading up to the Homecoming football game. It is a chance for students to have fun, connect with others and celebrate all that it means to be a UCF Knight. Our mission is to make UCF Homecoming the pinnacle of campus unity and spirit.

Bride’ Key, Executive Director

Knights of the Roundtable

Knights of the Round Table is an administrative resource to all student organizations and an advisory council to all students pursuing involvement during their collegiate experience. We can help connect you to one of over 500 diverse registered student organizations on campus. If there is an organization we don’t have that you want, we can help you start your own registered student organization!

Aysha N. Martin, Executive Director

Late Knights

Late Knights hosts monthly events that feature free food, prizes, and entertainment. The purpose of Late Knights is to promote safe and unique entertainment options, community engagement, and genuine memories through campus events for all UCF Students.

Lj Hall, Executive Director

Multicultural Student Center

The MSC’s mission is to create a more inclusive and equitable campus environment that enriches the university experience through actively supporting diverse and intentional programming. The MSC will strive to promote awareness, strengthen cultural competency and social responsibility by encouraging the educational exploration and challenge of societal norms that enables students to explore the varied concepts of multiculturalism.

Xander Loliyoung, Student Director

Sport Club Council

The Sport Club Council (SCC) was created through a Resolution of the 35th Student Senate in the Spring Semester of 2003. The SCC was created as an agency of the Student Government (SG) to provide funding, training, facilities, and other administrative services to all eligible sport clubs that are members of the agency. Following the creation of the SCC as an agency, the Recreation and Wellness Center (RWC) partnered with the SCC under the programs department of the RWC.

Lily Riedesel, President

Volunteer UCF

The Volunteer UCF agency is dedicated to promoting community service and education on various social issues to the University of Central Florida, through a variety of programs, committees, events, and ongoing projects. VUCF connects students with community organizations that best fit their interests, talents, and majors. We work with over 200 community agencies that utilize UCF student volunteers. Through volunteerism, students can gain valuable knowledge and experience, have a great time, and meet new friends–all while benefiting the community.

Lindsey Rush, Student Director


Knight-Thon, Dance Marathon at the University of Central Florida, is a part of the national Miracle Network Dance Marathon movement. Knight-Thon is UCF’s largest student-driven philanthropy, raising funds and awareness for Orlando Health Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children. Our year-long efforts conclude each spring with a 20-hour Dance Marathon, where more than 1,500 UCF Knights come together to celebrate their efforts made for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

Madison Broderick, Executive Director


Student Success and Well being is dedicated to making the UCF experience the best it can be. SSWB aims to engage students in the total collegiate experience, from the moment you enroll at UCF to the time you apply for your first job as a graduate. Students have access to diverse SSWB programs and services that have received a range of accolades. SSWB is run by over 690 committed staff and more than 2,200 student employees, who are here to guide students every step of the way. They actively maintain partnerships on campus, within Central Florida and within the state to ensure student success.

Mark Gumble, Assistant Vice President of Learning Support Services

Student at Large

Alyssia Wright

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