The Operations Review & Sanctions Committee (ORS) reviews allocations given out to Individuals or Registered Student Organizations. If they are found in violation of the fiscal probation policy the committee will impose a sanction on the Individual or RSO.

A reversion is when funds are returned to the Student Government Senate Working Fund. This occurs when an Individual or RSO does not use the funds allocated to them by the reversion date. If there is a reversion of 20% or more the RSO or Individual that received the allocation will be automatically placed on fiscal probation.

A reversion date is the day that the funds allocated to an Individual or RSO are no longer able to be used. The funds then get reverted back to the Student Government Senate Working Fund.

Reversion Dates differ depending on the type of allocation FAO or CRT

  • Promo Items, 30 days from the approval date.
  • Event, 30 days from the last day of the event.
  • Conference & Travel, 30 days from the last day of travel.
  • An RSO or Individual gets sanctioned because they violated the Fiscal Probation Policy. A violation occurs when more than 20% of the funding allocated is reverted back to the Senate Working Fund. This also occurs if items aren’t bought from the approved vendors, bought after the reversion date, and or other issues occur with documentation with the A&SF Business Office.

    A sanction is the decrease in funding allocated to an RSO or Individual for the next Fiscal Year. Once an RSO or Individual is sanctioned they will not be able to receive the total amount of any funding requests from Student Government for one year from the day they were sanctioned.

    A Sanction Review is a hearing held by the ORS committee and a representative from an RSO or Individual being sanctioned. In this hearing the committee looks at the circumstances regarding the reversion, and then discusses the sanction amount according to the Fiscal Probation Policy. After the hearing is over the RSO or Individual is taken off of Fiscal Probation.

    An RSO or Individual can appeal a sanction through the Judicial Branch. This process can be initiated by emailing the Chief Justice at sga_cjus@ucf.edu.

    The guidelines are set by the Fiscal Probation Policy from the fiscal year the allocation was granted in.

    The Spending limitation is determined yearly based on the current total funds granted to the Student Government Senate to be used for allocations.

    The Current limitation is 3.25% which totals $33,475.00 of the total Senate Accounts budget in the 2021-2022 Activity and Service Fee Budget.