SG Funded Agencies

Activities & Services Fees Business Office

Brenda Posey, Director

The Activity & Service Fee Business Office services the accounting, personnel, and/or purchasing needs of Activity & Service Fee funded agencies, most of which are found on this page. In addition, The Activity & Service Fee Business Office is a support office for registered student organizations and UCF students that are allocated Activity & Service Fee funds by the Student Government. The Activity & Service Fee Business Office and its supported areas are part of the Student Development and Enrollment Services (SDES) division of UCF.

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Campus Activities Board

Marlaina Tanner, Executive Director

The Campus Activities Board is the traditional collegiate program board that consists of eight committees each working to plan and facilitate events throughout the course of the academic year, including summer terms. There is no membership required to join CAB and students can come to meetings at any time throughout the year. Students can participate as much they would like in each committee. Please feel free to look around their website, find out more about the committees that you are interested in and join a committee (or two or three).

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BriDé Key, Director

Homecoming’s mission is to provide the Student Body with a week worth of events paid for by their Activity & Service Fee leading up to and including the Homecoming football game. Homecoming also includes a competition between Registered Student Organizations during the week of events. Our mission is to make UCF Homecoming the staple of student organized event planning and the promotion of unity and spirit.

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Madison Broderick, Executive Director

Knight-Thon is the University of Central Florida’s Dance Marathon benefitting Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. Knight-Thon is UCF’s largest student-run philanthropy, and each year we strive to raise awareness and funds throughout the Orlando community. Last year, Knight-Thon had over 1,000 participants and raised $688,049.19 For The Kids! We strive to ensure real miracles continue to happen every day for local kids at our local hospitals.

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Knights of the RoundTable

Aysha N. Martin, Executive Director

The Knights of the Round Table (KoRT) is an advisory council that serves as an educational resource to all student organizations and as a liaison between the organizations and the UCF community. KoRT also connects students to all of the involvement opportunities throughout the campus through their unique involvement consultation service, Knight Quest.

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Late Knights

LJ Hall, Executive Director

Late Knights is the program board focused on providing alcohol-alternative evening programming for students and the UCF community looking for activities over the weekend. They program on a bi-monthly basis, providing food, prizes, and entertainment at no direct cost to the student.

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Student Legal Services

Patricia Dullaghan, Director

The office of Student Legal Services seeks to provide qualified students at the University of Central Florida with legal counseling and court representation in certain cases. The staff attorneys interview each client individually to advise in the areas of law that concern the student. Cases which are not covered by the program guidelines are referred to appropriate agencies or private attorneys through a lawyer referral service. The operation of the program is subject at all times to the rules and regulations promulgated by the Supreme Court of Florida and the Board of Governors of the Florida Bar. The program is approved by the Florida Bar and is staffed by licensed attorneys.

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Multicultural Student Center

Xander Loliyoung, Director

The Multicultural Student Center (MSC)’s mission is to create a more inclusive and equitable campus environment that enriches the university experience through actively supporting diverse and intentional programming. The MSC will strive to promote awareness, strengthen cultural competency and social responsibility by encouraging the educational exploration and challenge of societal norms that enables students to explore the varied concepts of multiculturalism.

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Sport Club Council

Lily Riedesel, President

The University of Central Florida (UCF) Sport Club Council is an agency of the UCF Student Government (SG) and is advised by the Sport Club Staff at the UCF Recreation & Wellness Center (RWC). Each sport club is a Registered Student Organization (RSO) with the Office of Student Involvement (OSI). The Sport Club program at UCF exists to provide students opportunities to promote and develop interest in particular sports activities that are predominantly physical in nature and understanding, supports healthy lifestyles and is in alignment with the RWC’s mission and values. Interests may be competitive, recreational, instructional or any combination of the three.

Office of Student Involvement

Shane Juntunen, Director

The mission of the Office of Student Involvement (OSI) is to provide quality programs, services, and leadership opportunities that enrich students’ academic endeavors. Students and staff collaborate to explore various paths that encourage personal growth, promote civic responsibility, embrace differences, and connect students to the campus and the community. In OSI, the journey is the destination.

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Recreational & Wellness Center

James Wilkening, Director

The mission of the UCF Recreation and Wellness Center is to foster healthy lifestyle choices and wellness through efficient services, comprehensive programs and high-quality facilities. The Recreation and Wellness Center is designed to enrich campus life and advance the University’s educational mission.

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Student Union

Rick Falco, Director

The mission of the University of Central Florida Student Union is to provide convenient, high-quality facilities and efficient services to support University programs. The building is the community center of the campus and provides a shared home for the University welcoming students, faculty, alumni, staff, parents and guests. The Union is both a facility and a program designed to enrich campus life and advance the University’s educational mission.

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Volunteer UCF

Lindsey Rush, Director

Volunteer UCF (VUCF) is dedicated to promoting civic engagement and education on various social topics to the UCF student body. Through a variety of events and programs such as Knights Give Back, Day and Knight of Service and the Alternative Break Program, students gain valuable knowledge and experience, become connected to volunteer opportunities of their interest, and expand their community outreach. Volunteer UCF provides service event consultations and recognizes student volunteers for their outstanding service. We work with over 200 community organizations and continue to expand our agency’s outreach.

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