Executive Leadership Council

The Executive Leadership Council (ELC) is a committee comprised of dedicated and eager freshman and first-year leaders looking for a way to get involved within SG. Through this council, members will partake in a mentorship program in which they will be paired with members of the Executive Cabinet and other SG Leadership to learn the inner workings of Student Government. Below is a taste of just some of the things that you will be doing if selected for the Executive Leadership Council.

In ELC, you will:

  • Attend weekly meetings and workshops to prepare student leaders for success in the future
  • Plan, work, and attend SG events to get a behind the scenes look at what goes into the planning of a project for the entire student body
  • Create meaningful relations with members of the Senate Leadership Council and the Judicial Leadership Council, as well as other members within the Executive Leadership Council and the Executive Branch of SG
  • Create presentations for the Student Body President and Vice President with various ideas and proposals for future years

As first year students, you will be given a unique opportunity to learn about the school, figure out what way you would like to get more involved, and get hands on experience working with others in a university setting. You will be given many opportunities to take on leadership roles in projects and initiatives important to Student Government.

For more information please contact the Deputy Chief of Staff Xelayris Martinez at Sgadeputychief@ucf.edu.

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