RSOs may apply or contact the chair to begin the ex-officio seat process. There are three ex-officio seats; one is permanent, and two are on a semesterly basis. RSOs are free to apply again if they are in a rotating seat.

In addition to joining the Hispanic/Latinx Caucus, there are also several Hispanic/Latinx organizations on campus! More information can be found on Knight Connect or click the Hispanic/Latinx Organizations PDF Form below.

Students who are not Student Government Senators can’t join the caucus as voting members. However, all students are encouraged to sit in during these caucus meetings! You can even express ideas and ask questions at the beginning of each meeting.

Any Student Government agent can be a member of the Hispanic/Latinx Caucus. Registered Student Organization (RSO) representatives can also be members of the caucus as one of the three ex-officio members.