How can I access the Ticketmaster online distribution?

1. A link will be posted on all forms of social media (@UCFSGA) and will be sent out in a campus wide email. In
addition, a password to access the link will be included in the email.
2. Follow the link on March 18th (7:00PM) or March 27th (7:00PM) and enter the password. Tickets will go fast!
3. Follow the instructions on the link and select which in-person date you will pick up – March 19th (12:00PM),
20th (9:00AM), March 28th (9:00PM), or March 29th (12:00PM). Then, come through a designated express line to pick up
your ticket!
4. Finish and Check Out! You will receive an email from Ticketmaster with the confirmation of your ticket voucher
more instructions.